Axiom Properties Limited

Axiom Properties Ltd is a property development and investment business focused on developing and delivering quality property solutions. Axiom’s principal objective is to create long term value for shareholders through creating a well-respected property development and investment company that consistently delivers above industry returns on capital. 

Corporate Strategy

The Axiom Group’s principal objective is to create and deliver value for its shareholders.

We do this by utilising our considerable experience and expertise to identify, create and deliver quality property solutions and capitalise on value-add investment opportunities in niche markets. This capacity is built on a strong foundation with a highly competent management team whose core values include strong ethical standards, focus, honesty, commitment, teamwork and accountability.

Corporate Governance

The Axiom Board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and applies corporate governance policies and charters to set and achieve Company objectives, monitor and assess risk and optimise the Company’s performance. The Board acknowledges its accountability to shareholders for creating shareholder value within a framework, which protects the rights and interests of shareholders and ensures the Company is well governed. Axiom’s governance framework includes key features and practices that are reviewed regularly and upgraded or changed as appropriate to reflect the Company’s interests, changes in law and what is generally regarded as sound practice.

Axiom Properties Limited complies with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th Edition) in accordance with LR4.7.4. Axiom’s main corporate governance policies and practices are reported annually within the Corporate Governance Statement, which forms part of the Annual Report.

The links below are intended to provide clarity and transparency to the future business model and operations of Axiom.

Corporate Governance Statement